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Inner Balance creates long-term results by treating weight loss resistance at the root cause. No restrictive dieting, excessive exercise, or medications that need to be injected. Estrogen and progesterone are what a woman’s body uses to maintain metabolic fitness. You don’t need a trendy pharmaceutical drug, you need to replace what is missing.

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Estrogen does it all.Without the side effects.



No side effects
No muscle loss
No needles, or injections
No supply shortage
No refrigeration required
Builds muscle
Boosts energy & workouts

Stop dieting.
Get real results.


Estrogen has been shown to:

Regulates glucose metabolism
Promotes weight loss
Improves metabolic health
Increases & improves function of GLP-1
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facts about menopause:

Symptoms can start 20 years before the period stops.
Hormones have helped millions since the 1960s.
Proven by thousands of clinical studies.
Doctors are NOT trained on how to treat menopause.
Estradiol likely protects against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, osteoporosis, colon cancer and breast cancer.

north american menopause society:

Benefits outweigh the risks.
Start more than 10 years before period stops
Start before the age of 60

Discover how good you can really feel.

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You need smart self-care. Not self-control.

You don’t need more self-control, or a quick fix to lose weight. You need a therapy that addresses the problem at the root cause. Metabolic fitness is an integral part of being and feeling healthy. By starting with us, you are choosing to prioritize your health. If you need it, weight loss is both caring for yourself and the smart thing to do.

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