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How to Achieve Healthy and Hydrated Skin Naturally

Lets talk about what gives skin that youthful, hydrated appearance — hyaluronic acid (HA).  It attracts and retains moisture, contributing to the skin’s hydration, plumpness and elasticity.  It helps maintain skin hydration by binding to water molecules. When estrogen levels decline, the production of HA also declines — leading to drier and less hydrated skin.  Hyaluronic acid has other essential roles in the body:


  1. Add resilience to cartilage
  2. Assist movement among muscle cells
  3. Repair skin from wound damage, UV damage, mechanical damage
  4. Cell interaction and communication
  5. Cell adhesion


Stimulating its production without estrogen can be challenging and costly — most available solutions are temporary and not as effective as estrogen.  One example is hyaluronic acid injectable fillers.  They are used in the beauty industry for facial rejuvenation, volume restoration, and wrinkle reduction.  This form of hyaluronic acid differs from the natural one produced by your body.  Hyaluronic acid used for cosmetic injections are processed to prolong their half-life in the body. 


One of the biggest assumptions is that hyaluronic acid fillers eventually dissolveRather, there is evidence that patients who received hyaluronic acid fillers a decade ago, and have not had an injection since that time, still have the filler present in their body.  This has been shown by MRI studies — where filler injected 10 years ago is still present. In addition, ultrasound and MRI show that the filler migrates since the lymphatic system in the face moves it around.


Hyaluronidase is needed to break down filler and your body doesn’t produce it regularly, but rather only when necessary and just for short periods of time.  That is because hyaluronic plays an essential role in the body.  In addition, injections carry the risk of serious complications, and they don’t give optimal results.  Some known risks and possible complications with injectable fillers and volumizers:


  • Overfilling and unnatural results


  • Vision complications including vision loss


  • Acne-like skin eruptions 


  • Asymmetry and even Deformity 


  • Granulomas


  • Bleeding, bruising ad infection 


  • Migration of filler if improperly placed


  • Skin necrosis if blood flow is disrupted


  • Persistent swelling 


  • Skin Rash and Hypersensitivity reactions 


We know that fillers do not increase skin health in any way. They likely weaken and diminish dermal thickness which accelerates aging. They inflame and stretch our skin’s delicate soft tissue permanently over time and can cause the skin to buckle during a smile or expression.  The long-term effects will likely start to reveal itself soon. 


Is There a Natural Alternative?


Estrogen influences the cellular mechanisms that stimulate and promote HA synthesis. When estrogen levels decline, the decreased synthesis of HA leads to drier skin and potential joint discomfort. Restoring levels to youthful levels results in improved joint and skin health.  The result is less joint pain radiant, hydrated skin. 


  1. Estrogen stimulates fibroblasts and chondrocytes located in the skin to make hyaluronic acid.
  2. It can also stimulate the expression and activity of enzymes that synthesize HA. 
  3. Estrogen also helps maintain other components of the extracellular matrix of the skin, which indirectly supports HA synthesis.
  4. Estrogen helps maintain optimal hydration levels in the skin and joints, which are essential for the function of HA. 
  5. Estrogen can reduce inflammation, which helps prevent breakdown of HA in joints and skin. 


Inner Balance Approach to Skin Health


Volume is just one indication of healthy skin. Texture, toned and lifted muscles, clarity, skin tone and deep glow are other indicators of healthy skin. Protecting existing collagen, acquiring toned facial muscles, fortifying dermal thickness and retaining facial hyaluronic acid and boosting collagen production are natural ways that volume can also be met.  Estrogen and Progesterone are both beneficial for healthy skin.


Less is more in beauty and we can focus on enhancing what we have through hormone restoration, great skin care, and a healthy diet.  At Inner Balance, we want women to feel good in their own skin.  You can achieve beautiful skin without needles, bruising or even expensive skin care products.  You may notice your skin tone and texture improving after 3-6 months of hormone replacement therapy.   


“This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.”


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