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We're on a mission to help women feel great and achieve better health.

I have a dream to end menopause world-wide. That everywhere, women no longer suffer through symptoms and miss out on life, work, or relationships because of it. That being healthy and happy is easy for women to achieve because they can ask for help without justification, eye-rolling or eye-brow raising. Women everywhere would have control over their own health and future because they felt empowered and inspired to do so. In this dream, every woman looks and feels her best, at any age, because she receives an effective and safe treatment.

It is my mission to make this dream a reality because women are worth it. I love changing women’s lives and I care deeply about creating better health for them. It is my purpose to support women through their hormone journey.

For a healthy, beautiful you.
Sarah Daccarett, MD
CEO of Inner Balance


We make it easy to be happy and healthy.

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Proven therapies specifically designed for women. Our modern approach is effective, convenient and easy.

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Women consistently report that they feel better, are happier and have changed their life.

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